Open Season

Winter is a blank canvas for writer and artist alike… I don’t know why, it just is. I fancy strolling my property the day after “Opening Season”; where echoes of gunshots now are drowned out by soaring, screeching hawks, along with chattering chickadees. I like sauntering my acreage… past timeworn barbed wire, cluttered mammal tracks, […]

The Dwelling

On mucky, cloudy days there’s poetry in my pond. From solstice to equinox; it crosses winter’s ray. Admired the woodchuck, on his groundhog’s day. Yet, the busy muskrat chases Eternal clouds away. Grassy tower stands… it stirs, shifts, and sways. Till… last of days. “As water disappears from the sea, And a river becomes parched […]

Two Vines

Against a crust of snow a vibrant mask appears amidst white, a welcomed plight. Trailing, twisting, turning… Bitter sweet good-byes beckoning eyes to garner; baited, bribe’s delight. Stony slopes and timber thicket… Climbing woody heights, clamber in clusters, canker or cursed blight. Value the Veracious Vine… Drink not bittersweet liquor, dulls the shrouded mind, dims […]

Dispensing Pine

The poplar, pine and paper oak stretch crowns, trunks, and branches upward pose toward the Provider. Shedding of the old … needles bumping and bouncing clutching, clinging tree crevices. Chestnut cones tumbling; skid, slip, spill, stumble down each sturdy branch. Seeds donated for another season. “And God said, “See I have given you every herb […]

In the Word

Pain comes and days draw nigh as I birr to my fortress. My keep, a sanctuary of stability, reminds me life is vaster than misery. It makes naught the storm or season for I am steadfast. Roots, tendrils, sweep deep drinking rivers of fresh waters. Gales rip at unripe fruit; I surrender not a leaf. […]

Duck Jingle…

Dabbling duck on lucid rise mallard in my murky pond paddling, swimming all around waggle tail a wishing wand   Bright green head bobs in fen* mirrored image crystal clear. Now still waters, you are found waiting, wadding, weightless here…   Beetles, worms, and dragonflies; bill is pushing like a probe. Plant food grazing toward […]