My May Muse

My Hope vacillates too often within me, During these solitaire days of fog and rain Which become dreary and duller than they should be; He waivers past heavy, budded spring tree; He saunters down shady forest lane. His home is elsewhere and cannot stay; He marks the days… weeks on lengthy list, He’s lonely as […]

First Snow

How dreary thorns in flesh? Russet hues in wintry light; against dismal resting earth. It’s here first snow appears; scatters crystals among trees, interrupts rioting leaves of fall. Where comes storehouses of snow? God binds them in unreachable homes; unleashing flakes at His sovereign will. A child sees first snow differently, when mossy earth is […]

Rippled Peace

My day often… reflects a watershed; pressure from drainage passing my way. Swirling, twisting, whirling, over a mosaic of stone saturating in blues: cobalt, cerulean, catalin. My day often… becomes a tributary one ripple to the next flowing toward me. Dashing, hastening, surging, till banks over flow infuse my soul; waiting for a sliver of […]