My May Muse

My Hope vacillates too often within me, During these solitaire days of fog and rain Which become dreary and duller than they should be; He waivers past heavy, budded spring tree; He saunters down shady forest lane. His home is elsewhere and cannot stay; He marks the days… weeks on lengthy list, He’s lonely as […]


Buds wait to burst forth,As ice kisses daffodilsRobins pass stiff wormsDried from noonday sun. We wait to burst forth,As isolation hugs our livesWhile robins fly freeAcross the noonday sky. Inspired by Psalm 104 and my granddaughter’s encouragement to write 😉.

Open Season

Winter is a blank canvas for writer and artist alike… I don’t know why, it just is. I fancy strolling my property the day after “Opening Season”; where echoes of gunshots now are drowned out by soaring, screeching hawks, along with chattering chickadees. I like sauntering my acreage… past timeworn barbed wire, cluttered mammal tracks, […]

As Winter Comes

As Winter Comes… September’s bustling chatter echoesm throughout the wood. The drone of slick-back crickets, whizzing of late cicadas, and jabbering of sly chipmunks; resound and ring in humid air. Hydrangea’s bow bulky, blushing heads and stately goldenrod glimmers attracting bustling bumblebees loading pollen for the making. Time trickles with all things. A babe is […]

My Path

I wonder of the light… Which peels back dark of night Of lurking shadow’s rights. What brings forth new day? What words will I need say? What steps will slip away? I assume secrets of night, Intrigues me with worldly rights. Yet, my soul yearns for the Light! “Thy Word is a lamp unto my […]

Junes’ Song

Before slice of dawn… after throaty bullfrogs croak and birds begin their shrill; there is a parcel of time in which no sounds emerge out in the inky darkness of night. Over shadowy country landscapes, under the veil of bright spring morn there settles an empty, hollow stillness. And some doze, as other stir: ‘bove […]

Spring Storm

Wind howls like a wild wolf lost in a sea of terror…. howling, howling, howling Tears at tree top. Toppled them to cold ground littered with dead debris. Shakes the bough, bends the trunk, tumbles all across moist earth. Is such a night when restless sleep haunts watches of twilight till dawn. The soul unable […]

First Snow

How dreary thorns in flesh? Russet hues in wintry light; against dismal resting earth. It’s here first snow appears; scatters crystals among trees, interrupts rioting leaves of fall. Where comes storehouses of snow? God binds them in unreachable homes; unleashing flakes at His sovereign will. A child sees first snow differently, when mossy earth is […]