Duck Jingle…

DSCN1680Dabbling duck on lucid rise

mallard in my murky pond

paddling, swimming all around

waggle tail a wishing wand


Bright green head bobs in fen*

mirrored image crystal clear.

Now still waters, you are found

waiting, wadding, weightless here…


Beetles, worms, and dragonflies;

bill is pushing like a probe.

Plant food grazing toward the ground;

time for nesting ‘cross the globe.


Nintendo Duck Hunting is near…

goose invasion in the sky.

Deep beneath marsh grass you’re bound;

emerald feathers dwell or die.


As I pen this fowl verse…

stumbling quickly back in time;

a tender melody hounds

of my son’s childhood rhyme.


Words, lexis to describe

What simple pleasure they stir;

each one so carefully bound

to make a little lad purr.


I’ll hum simple melody;

brush off former frosty rime*

slowly sauntering; spellbound,

smiling… stop the hands of time!


“Duck quack, quack

Duck quack, quack

Wiggle waggle, wiggle waggle

Duck quack, quack

Here comes another…

Duck quack, quack.”


Tribute to Dan the critter man.

* (fen-swamp, rime-ice)


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