A Child Philosophy


The nature of a child is that of wonder,
discovery and constant exploration.
What makes the shape of a puffy balloon?
Why does a leaf float steady on water’s edge?
When does a tiny stone become a colossal rock?
All these things are in the nature of a child.
“Train up a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not depart from it.*”
What transforms the nature of a loved child?
Why do so many struggle as torrents in wind?
When did the seasons turn to dust as the sands?
All in all we try our best; or at least should.
I know not much of philosophies of life:
what makes the hairy bear hibernate so long,
why the sun moderates warmth on the earth,
when did the dinosaurs disappear from sight?
What I do know is a child needs love, instruction
and family to make them feel tenderly sheltered.

Over at dverse we’re celebrating anniversaries and philosophies; thanks to Brian. Hug a child today and change the world! *Proverbs 22:6


19 thoughts on “A Child Philosophy

  1. You had me at the title…and did not disappoint. This is beautiful.
    There is nothing more vulnerable than a child’s journey. We are a huge part of their trajectory. The development and mental health of a child is influenced by so many factors. As they come into this world, wide eyed with wonder, we need to honour that curiosity as well as learn from it. A child’s philosophy could take us back to where we came from….openness, tolerance, trust and unconditional love.

  2. Loving children.. tenderly with nurturing Love
    grows a garden of Love deep and
    rich with flowers of trust..
    the closer they
    are to mother’s
    arms.. the closer

  3. Working with children as I do, I see the wonder and appreciate it all the more. Because it is precious. “What transforms the nature of a loved child?” I do not know. But I know that the loved children have an extreme, priceless advantage. Thank you.

  4. The secret lies in the words “a loved child”. As, sadly, many children are born to parents who dont love themselves enough to know how to love and nurture their children. Thankfully, your little one knows nothing but love, and so her steps will be steady on the earth. Look at that curly mop of hair she has, delightful! She is lucky to have her grandma so close by. You are lucky too, to spend your time looking through her eyes at a world of wonder.

  5. I love your poem. Wish I could hug my grandchildren today, but at least I send them a virtual hug of love. I send it to all the children of the world, even those of us who have grown but still have the wonder of a child within us. Lovely write.

  6. I think that hanging onto the wonder and exploration of a child is hugely important. Sadly, I can tell you what changes. It ties to the scripture that you used. The environment in which a child is raised will in many ways dictate who they become. It may not hold true for all, but I have known enough broken children to know.

  7. Hey, I might be #1; cool. Love the heartfelt honesty in this piece, admitting your share of the Great Ignorance we all live & labor within. I raised three daughters, fearing every step of the way that the world they matured in would not harm or consume them; & now as a grandparent of 6, I harbor the same fears for them. Primordial alacrity, naked raw animal instinct perhaps, but the wonder, the hope, the yearning in children’s eyes are the breath of life for all of us.

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