Poet’s Song


Pull back morn’s haze of Misty Blue,
as decades slip slowly like grains of sand;
bordered by Broken Dreams and Bruised Pieces
dawdled, delayed till Day’s End vanishes.
Within my soul, A Voice calling
drew me as smoke from burning fire;
True Light brought forth a poetic voice
calling, cheering, claiming hope.
I was Freed Again from worldly bonds;
my Broken Heart preserved on a walk
through snowy woods beyond Owl’s Song,
even deeper than December’s Moonlight.
A Poet’s Song makes music with words,
writes notes in terms of syllables,
draws the reader to the sheet music,
tapping along with hope’s melody past pain.
“My heart is steadfast, O God;
I will sing and make music
with all my soul.” Psalm 108:1


Though notes do make music; words sing their own tune. All italic words, within the poem, are titles to poems I’ve written throughout the years. Misty Blue being the first poem I remember writing as a young girl to my mother; poets are rooted in the experiences of their lives. Linking up at dVerse…

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15 thoughts on “Poet’s Song

  1. hope’s melody past pain…. that’s what touched me most… music and words – i love both – and together it’s just unbelievably powerful

  2. They are unsung lyrics tuned to your heart and soul!They are experiences finding they rhythm in expressions. a very novel approach i must say, stringing poetic expressions!

  3. ah very cool approach…i like how you built this around all your own poem titles…music had a huge influence on my poetry as well…so cool on that first poem being to your mother…

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